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Wreath Love

It's Friday y'all!!  Happy Weekend!  Michelle here!!

So you looking for a fun weekend project?  I've got just the thing!

This month in the mixed media kit we got this great wooden "love" cut out.  It comes with a stand so it's meant to be free standing but I had other plans for mine.  
So I started off with a few additional items that I had on hand from my dollar store stash...I tend to pick these things up when I see them and tuck them away for things like this.
I used a small wire wreath form and three different colored/patterned ribbons that coordinated well and would look good with my valentine/love theme.  I cut them down to 12 lengths of each pattern/color of ribbon.  You could use tulle or narrow strips of mesh for this but most of us have ribbon on hand.

Start off by tying your ribbons on each section, making sure to keep your alternating pattern.
When you have gone completely around you will have twelve ribbons in each of the sections of your wreath.  You could totally do more if you want to make it fuller.

Then I moved on to the fab "love" cut out from the kit.  The crackle medium works best with a base coat of a contrasting color so I chose a pretty red acrylic prima paint from one of my previous mixed media kits.  *side note...did you notice how much I still have left in there after working with that previous kit and now using it on this project as well?  These kits give you so much extra to play with later.  I love that.  But I digress.  
Once that was dry I brushed on the crackle medium.  Crackle is one of my favorite mediums.  You know how much I love texture and not only does crackle provide a bit of that but it gives it a wonderful vintage feeling and I love all things vintage.

After the crackle dried I applied a coat of the pink acrylic, being careful not to repeat my brush strokes so I wouldn't disturb the crackle process.  As soon as you applied the acrylic paint the crackle starts immediately. 
As that was crackling and drying I applied some of the gold alcohol ink directly to the edges of the Prima flowers.  I love how it shows through the glitter that is already on the flowers and just gives it such great dimension and layers.
I tied a wide ribbon to the top of the wreath to hang it.  I also drilled some small holes in the wooden love and wired it to the wreath but you could easily just apply it with some hot glue.

I also decided to rub on some of the gold alcohol ink to the letters as well to add more dimension and show off that crackle more.  But you have to move fast when you do this because that alcohol ink dries super fast.

All in all it was a fairly quick project for a wreath and I'm super happy with how it turned out!
Thanks for stopping by and
I hope you are inspired to do something beautiful!


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