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Kit organization

Hey guys, Kim here. Today I'm here to show you how I organize my new and past kits. Maybe my tips will help you keep track of your kit (craft) items. This system isn't perfect, but it really does help me.

For the last couple of months, I've been really busy with the chipboard side of the business, so I have had lots of leftovers from my kits. Some of you may not have much leftover, but this system will work for open packages of any supplies. So let's get started.

On my desk, right next to me I have a small 3 drawer sterlite container. It looks like this:

In the top drawer is where I keep any current kit supplies that will fit. That way they are right there as I'm working.

Most flower packs will fit in there as well as chipboard or embellishments. Once I open a package, I get rid of it and just leave the loose item in the drawer. 

The second drawer contains any loose flowers from past kits. Yes, I know it's hard to believe I have leftover flowers, but I do.

This is the inside of that drawer. It works, because I know that these are for a past kit. I only go in here when I need additional flowers for my kit projects.

The last drawer contains any loose or unused embellishments. I also place any extra die cuts I may have cut out while crafting. It's always nice to have extra pieces.

You can see that there are pieces of lace, chipboard and metal. It's nice to have all this right here on the desk as I'm working. I don't really have to stop what I'm doing to go find a flower or the right embellishment. 

Here is how I store the rest of my current and older kit items. Behind me I have an Original Scrapbook. Attached to the desk, I have this:

I love this set up. It allows me to keep current and past kit items in it. It's 4 pieces that all clip together.

It the front, largest section, I keep my current kit. It's not wide enough for the paper the long way, so I put it in on an angle. It works fine and doesn't curl the paper. It also hold an kit items that don't fit in the top drawer of my sterlite container. Plus it's big enough to hold all 3 kits.

These back 2 pockets hold a lot of my mediums from past kits. I keep these handy for use on current projects. That's the purpose of the mixed media kit, to have those mediums available for use.

In the 3rd pocket I store some manilla tags.

I use these to test out mixed media techniques or to create tags with the cards, tags and more kit. It's great to have them within arm's reach. If you haven't noticed, I like having everything very close to my work space.

The big question is, where do I store the leftover paper or the bigger items? Let me show you.

Large leftovers go in the top bin of my workbox. There is plenty of room for the pile to grow, lol. But seriously, this is months worth of scrapbook and cards, tags and more kits. I can reach for this if I want to look for coordinating paper or larger embellishments that don't fit in my sterlite drawer.

So this is how I organize my current and past kits. This system keeps everything close by and it doesn't mix anything with my personal supplies. that way when I am creating with the kits, I know exactly what I'm using.

How do you store your kits (current. or past) or you open craft supplies? Let's talk about it here. Thanks for stopping by.

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