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Tri-Frame Photo Spread - August 2023 Mixed Media Kit

Hey, y’all! Have you had a chance to break into your August Mixed Media Kit yet? It is a fabulously fun kit to play with!

I turned the Prima trays in my kit into a photo spread – using my photo as the center, stretching the hand to the left frame, and adding a few butterflies.

Be sure to check out my video to see how my frames came together – a little acetate for stenciling, various papers for photo printing, some clear glue and sealers and I was done!



Since I was going to be working on acetate, I couldn’t use a heat gun to expedite the dry time of the Stardust Butters, so I did all of my wet mediums at the same time and allowed them to air dry.

For the trays, I started by adding a light spritz of water to the trays to help the Lindy’s absorb a little quicker when I sprayed it on. I wasn’t sure how many coats of Lindy’s I would need for the trays to get the color I wanted, but for what I wanted, I only used one coat of the Lindy’s, then sealed the trays with some Crystal Clear and Gloss UV Resistant Krylon.

After I had the trays sprayed, I went to work adding the Stardust Butters to acetate. On the first sheet of acetate I worked on, I measured out the areas I would need for the three trays because I wanted to keep the stencil design as centered as possible. After I had my first sheet done, I got curious about how a second layer of stenciling would look and ended up creating a second sheet of stenciled acetate that I could offset the first pieces over.


While my trays and acetate were drying, I went to work on my photos. In the video, I talk about my experimentation, but in the end, I did print the images on a sheet of white tissue paper and heavy vellum, layered them up, then sprayed them with the Crystal Clear and UV Resistant Krylon sprays.


After everything was dry and I fussy cut my images, I started the assembly process. I glued the images to more acetate that I had cut to the size I needed for the trays, glued my stenciled acetate layers together, and added all of my layers to their frames (trays).


I spent much more time working out all of the “hows” and waiting for the mediums to dry than I did doing any actual “work” on this Tri-Frame Photo Spread! So next time I want to do something like this it will be (should be!!) a rather quick and easy process!

Thank you for joining me here today on the blog, I hope you enjoyed this project and gave you some ideas of what you can create using this month’s Mixed Media Kit.

Stay Crafty, Friends



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In addition to this month’s Mixed Media Kit, I used:

Cardstock Warehouse 8-1/2”x11” Vellum, Cricut 12x12 Acetate, Krylon: Workable Fixatif, Triple-Thick Crystal Clear Glaze, & Gloss UV-Resistant Clear, white tissue paper, JudiKins Diamond Glaze, Ranger Glossy Accents

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