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Time To Create using the January 2024 Mixed Media Kit

Welcome back everyone, 

I hope you are having a great week, its almost Friday. yay! Today I am here to bring you a new project I created using the January 2024 Mixed Media Kit. This was so fun to create I really like being able to just use mix media and just go with the flow. There's no staying inside the lines and you can just do what you feel. Here is the video tutorial I created for you to view that gives a little more details. 

Let's get started on this beautiful Time To Create canvas. Here are the supplies I used. I used the January 2024 Mixed Media kit along with the stencil from August 2023 Mixed Media Kit.  I also used the Split Mandala 3 Chipboard Border.

I also used ephemera from the August 2023 Scrapbooking kit and 
First I started off with applying gesso to the round canvas. Set aside to let dry for a bit. It dries really quick. 
Next apply gesso to your chipboard pieces. This chipboard piece is the Split Mandala 3 I have it linked here for you so you can go straight the store. This chipboard piece is so pretty. It's one of my favs.
After the gesso dries on the Split Mandala Chipboard pieces Paint them with white paint. This is very important before you apply the embossing glaze. If you skip the painting the gesso with cause the embossing glaze to bubble on the chipboard when heat drying. 
Next I sprayed on my dress sprays from my stash I did use two of the distress stains from the October 2023 mixed media kit ominous twilight and specimen, from my stash I used tattered rose and peacock feather. I felt these sprays coordinated best with the distress embossing glazes we would be using.
After I applied my sprays I used my heat gun to moved the paint around to get the desired look on my canvas. 

Next I placed the modeling paste from the kit onto the stencil.
Take off the stencil and you are left with your pattern. 
While your paste is still wet apply the embossing glaze on top of the paste. I used each of the different color of glazes. Then use your heat gun to dry the glaze on the paste, this will cause some bubbling but move the heat gun around, don't stay in one place very long. 

Here is what my canvas looks like after we are done. 
Now we are going to emboss the painted chipboard pieces. You will use the versamark pad and place it straight down on the end of the chipboard piece, so the piece is wet. 
Then sprinkle on the embossing glaze. 
Use your heat gun to set the embossing powder. 
Then you will get the versamark and place it on the edge of the pumice stone you just embossed and wet the section with the versamark pad. Do this throughout the chipboard piece. Sprinkle on the next color which is wilted violet. 
Get the heat gun and dry the embossing glaze. Do this each time you apply the embossing glaze to your chipboard piece. 
Once finished with both pieces of chipboard apply glue to the back and adhere on to the canvas. 

Here is the finished the canvas with the chipboard pieces attached to the top and bottom. Now it's time to decorate. 

Here is the finished canvas with the items I used from August 2023 Scrapbooking Kit, as well as some items from my stash. 

Close up of the what the Split Mandala Chipboard piece looks like once you are done embossing the glaze on top. Doesn't it look so pretty. I just love how it turned out. 

I hope you enjoyed the step by step tutorial today, and I hope you give this a try. It was so fun to create this piece. I find mixed media so relaxing. I have the links below to all the items I used in this tutorial. Thank you so much for joining me. 
Happy Crafting

January 2024 Mixed Media Kit -
Split Mandala 3 Chipboard -
August 2023 Mixed Media Kit (used the 6x12 stencil from Prima Marketing) -
October Mixed Media Kit (used the distress stains) -

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