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Tags & a Pocket! - May 2023 Cards, Tags, & More Kit

Hey, y’all! May is drawing to a close, but that just means it’s almost time for the June Tres Jolie Kit Club reveal! YAY! New supplies!

For my fourth and final May 2023 project, I used the Cards, Tags, & More Kit to make a rather quick and easy pocket to hold my tags. Make sure to check out the process video, then go grab up your kit and make yourself one or more of these pockets to have on hand for whatever you decide to do with them!



Pretty easy, right? A few simple folds and I have a triple-tag pocket!

All of my pockets were folded in half on the long side, and the only pocket that had the extra flaps was the largest “main” pocket.

After I had my pockets cut to size, I started layering them up. I started with the smallest pocket and glued it to the back (the half without the flaps!) of the largest, glued the middle pocket in, then folded the large pocket up and adhered the falls around the back.

To help make sure I had space, I added a second score line – 1/8” spacing – and then used extra tags as placeholders in the pockets so I could wrap my flaps around - instead of just creating a flat fold. My pockets are snug, and if I were to make another pocket that would hold more than three tags, I would have to add a little extra to the flaps of the outer pocket!

To help reinforce the tops of the inner pockets, I added a 1” wide strip of solid cardstock – folded in half and cut a hair shy of the width of the pocket – and slid it in place. This helps reinforce the edges and creates a smoother finish. I also added strips of patterned paper to the two outer edges of the pocket to reinforce those since tags would be sliding in and out.

Once the pocket base was complete, the decoration was quick and easy! I used three – maybe closer to 2-1/2 - sheets of the BoBunny paper to cover one side of my tags and both sides of my pocket.

When I cut the blue plaid paper, I added approximately 1” extra so I could have a little extra to fold over the top of the pocket and a little extra to fold around the bottom and onto the back. For the ledger print patterned paper, I made sure to have an extra 1/2” at the top to fold over the top of the pocket and tore the bottom edge at the length needed to cover the edge of the blue plaid print paper. Super easy! Especially since I didn’t have to worry about wrapping the sides because I had already done that!

On the pocket front I added a few of the “Transfer Me” decals from this month’s Mixed Media Kit, then using my hot glue gun I popped on the flower buds I had left from my layout last week, two of the wicker hearts, and three of the BoBunny butterfly stickers. Since I have the wings lifted a little on the butterflies, I just gave them a light coating of glue so the sticky backing would no longer be sticky!

And although I hadn’t planned on adding so many KaiserCraft pearls, when I saw how the half circles looked, I knew I needed them all! I added some Diamond Glaze where I was going to attach the pearls – partly for extra hold, partly to give me the ability to slide the pearls around and make sure they were where I wanted them instead of just sticking them on and hoping I didn’t have to try and peel them back up!

I laid the blue sections of the patterned paper I had left together, added the “Transfer Me” decals, then started the process of gluing the patterned paper to one side of the tags. It really was just as simple as that! For the backs of the tags, since I didn’t want to leave them the manila color, I added some of the chalk onto my work surface, watered it down, then just dabbed and dragged the backs of the tags through the puddle.

After the tags had dried fully, I picked some of the flower stickers from the BoBunny sticker sheet to add to the front, then decided my tags need some of the banner pieces – so I added three banner stickers!

The final addition to the tags was the pieces of Prima Trim over the tag holes. All I did is cut six of the trim pieces off and glued one to the front and one to the back using hot glue.

Now I have a triple-tag pocket that could be used as it is – maybe add a photo or two to the tags. The backs could have notes added. The tags could be used as a card and words of encouragement could be added to the tags, or the whole pocket could be used in a junk journal or book! Endless possibilities!

Thank you for joining me here on the blog today, I hope you enjoyed this quick and easy tag-pocket project and it gave you some ideas of what you can make using this month’s Cards, Tags, & More Kit!

Stay Crafty, Friends


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In addition to this month’s Cards, Tags, & More Kit (+the “Transfer Me” decals from the Mixed Media Kit & the few flower buds from the Scrapbooking Kit!), I used:

Gorilla Hot Glue Gun & Hot Glue Sticks, UHU Stic, JudiKins Diamond Glaze, Ranger Craft Tags

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