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Slimline Cards - March 2023 Cards, Tags, & More and Mixed Media Kits

Hey, y’all! How’s your March coming along, and why does March always seem like it is at least 62 days long? I swear it feels like it should be closer to the middle of the month than it is!! Anyhow…

This week I have a couple of slimline cards for you I created using the March Cards, Tags, & More Kit and the mediums and stencil from the Mixed Media Kit. These cards are relatively quick and easy – waiting for the texture paste to dry was the longest part! Make sure to check out my video to see what I did!





Pretty easy, right? With the wonderfully beautiful Stamperia papers and chipboard, these cards are quick and easy to put together! I used some cover stock for my card bases, and some craft foam as the base for my card fronts – just building the layers of paper and ephemera on top of the foam.

From the moment I saw the damask-ish print paper in the Stamperia stack, I knew I wanted to put on a card front - I just love the color and pattern! I also knew I wanted to use that little section of script print on a card, so that’s what I put together for my “Soulmate” card front! For the “Greetings” card front, I used the cut-offs from the damask-ish paper as a bottom border and a piece of the cover stock I used for the bases above it – also glued to a rectangle of craft foam.

I didn’t start out with measurements in mind; I was just working with what I had! However, since measurements can sometimes be helpful, I have added a couple of photos here with the “Soulmate” card front – the “Greetings” card was made with what I had left!

Once I had the papers glued down and let the glue dry completely, I coated the card fronts and the larger chipboard I planned on using with some clear gesso, grabbed up the stencil from the kit, some texture paste from my stash, and added some stenciling to the backgrounds. With the stencil still in place and the texture paste still wet, I started adding Lindy’s mediums. I didn’t want to mix the mediums into the texture paste, because I didn’t want a solid, even color! For the “Soulmate” card front, I spritzed some of the Moon Shadow Mist on the top-ish area of stenciling, sprinkled on the Magical Powder closer to the bottom then just scraped everything together – creating a little bit of a  gradient effect. For the “Greetings” card front, I only used the Magical Powder, but I made sure to sprinkle it on unevenly so there would be some variation in shading after everything had dried.

I did the same basic technique with the stencil and texture paste on the larger chipboard pieces I was going to be adding to the card fronts – the only difference was with the vase. For the stenciling on the vase, I didn’t add any of the Magical Powder or scrap the Moon Shadow Mist after I added a couple of splatters, I just let it soak into the texture paste a little and carefully soaked up some of the larger drops before removing the stencil.

Once the stenciling had dried on the chipboard pieces, I decided I needed to add some of the gold to the intricate edge on the Tres Jolie Chipboard – the off-white of the original just stood out too much! I didn’t want a heavy coating, I just wanted to add some shine and create a smoother transition between the chipboard and stenciling – so I grabbed the gum arabic and magical powder, added a bit of water, and brushed it on.



After all the mediums had dried, it was only a matter of adding the chipboard flowers, phrases, and ribbon/seam binding! I used two layers of craft foam to lift the vase off the background, added some of the smaller chipboard flowers to the flowers in the vase for some depth, added a small length of the seam binding to the “Soulmate” tag – tucking the ends under the edges of the card front – and glued everything down to my base!

I glued the chipboard flowers flat on the base of the “Greetings” card, added a single layer of craft foam under the Tres Jolie Chipboard to give it a little lift, and tucked in a few of the flowers from the pack in the kit after I added some gum arabic/Lindy’s “paint” to them. I tied a bow in the last bit of seam binding I had, added it between the chipboard butterfly and the “Greetings” sentiment (backed with a small piece of craft foam), and glued the card front to the card base.

And that was it! Two cards are done in a relatively short amount of time!


I hope you enjoyed these slimline cards and they gave you some ideas of what you can make using your March 2023 kits!

Stay Crafty, Friends!


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In addition to the items from this month’s Cards, Tags, & More Kit and Mixed Media Kit, I used:

Ranger Opaque Matte Texture Paste, Finnabair Clear Gesso (Because it was already open! Remember, there is a DWM Clear Gesso in the Mixed Media Kit this month!!), white craft foam, Fabri-Tac, Dritz Fray-Check, Marco’s Papers Cougar Opaque Cover (130#/192.4gsm) “Natural”

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