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Santa's Sleigh

The December Mixed Media Kit from Tres Jolie contains a fun (and quick & easy) project just in time for Christmas. This can serve as a candy dish or as a simple piece of holiday decor. Here’s what I came up with…

I began by assembling the sleigh, using a very small amount of Art Institute glue to hold the pieces together as I went along. (Kim has a tutorial up on YouTube, btw.) Once everything was set, I began to cover the body of the sleigh using the Festive Red paint. This acrylic dries very quickly, so I was able to start on the rest of the project, using the Silver paint, almost immediately. These metallic acrylics dry with a beautiful sheen; I decided to let them be as is.  

I glued a bell on each of the wreaths using Fabri-Tac, then with the same glue, fastened them to the front and back of the sleigh. I couldn’t resist grabbing a bottle of Stickles from my stash and applying a few drops to the center reindeer.

I made the sleigh ready for Santa by lining it with burlap ribbon and filling it with some sachet bags stuffed with crumbled up paper towels.

After my project was complete, I thought it needed a bit more, so I created an inexpensive snowscape surface using packaging and a few staples from my stash. I cut out a rectangle from a USPS box, measuring 4.5” x 10”. I covered it with a thick coating of heavy gesso and sprinkled it with the Diamond Dust that came in the kit. I allowed this to dry completely, then tipped it to allow all the loose glitter to fall off. Next, I draped it with cheesecloth, applied the same heavy gesso here and there to adhere it to the surface, and again sprinkled it with Diamond Dust.



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