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Pop-Up Cards - September 2022 Cards, Tags, & More Kit

Hey, y’all! We’re two-thirds of the way through 2022, and hopefully us folks in the Northern Hemisphere will be seeing autumn soon – or maybe you are already shaking out your sweaters and enjoying the relief from our hot, dry summer. For those of you south of the equator, I hope you are having a lovely beginning to spring & that your summer is better than ours!

Have you checked out the September 2022 Kits from Tres Jolie Kit Club yet? They are, as always, absolutely fabulous! Make sure you swing by and get yours before they’re gone!

This month with the Cards, Tags, & More Kit I will be making cards. All month! I know, I’m just as shocked as you are! I normally can’t resist seeing what else can be done with the kit! This week's cards are a couple of pop-up cards I created, next week will (should!) be my mood board project using the Scrapbooking Kit, then on the 22nd a couple of fold-out cards, and I’ll finish out the month with a couple of mixed media cards (using a couple of the mediums from the Mixed Media Kit) on the 29th.

Two cards, two different pop-ups inside! Both are a little smaller than an A4 paper (folded in half), to match the larger, A4-ish sized patterned papers in this month’s kit. Make sure you check out the video to see how these two cards came together! 

In the video you saw that I cut all my parts out for both cards before sitting down to start the assembly process – here I’ll talk about each card individually.

This first card goes together quick and easy! After I cut my pop-up base from a 12”x12” sheet of white cardstock, picked out the patterned papers I wanted to use, and cut the inside pieces, there wasn’t a lot to do besides glue it together.

I used the two larger dies from the set in this month’s kit to cut out a couple of sections from the paper I used on the inside of the card. I lined up the dies along the left then the right edge so I could have the pink stripes on both sides of the die cut and just lined them up under the “Happy Birthday” circle – with its edges inked using the “Pearlescent Orchid” - to cover the seam.

I added some stitching around the perimeter of the “Happy Birthday” circle, the outside paper, and the two larger “flat” pieces on the inside.

For the inside, I inked the three pop-ups that were going to have the pieces from the sentiment square on them to give them a little extra definition then I glued all of my base pieces in place. I used the smaller decorative die to cut out the left edge of the sentiment square and to create a temporary stencil from a scrap of paper to use with the “Pearlescent Orchid” ink – allowing the ink to show up through the cut-out. I used the smaller frame die to give me the clean cut along the right side of the cut-out, and to give me a clean cut for the flower edge that I cut off the square.

I decided I wanted to give the greetings a little of sparkle, so I used a glitter pen to color in and trace the “Happy Birthday” on the front circle and “Have the Best Day” on the inside sentiment. Then I added some foam squares to the front circle and inside sentiment and floral edge and glued everything in place.



This second pop-up card was a little more work on the inside, but I made it so it could sit opened if wanted. It was created so the pop-up section would be close to the front edge of the card when it opened and be surrounded by the folded flowers - which is why the pop out section sticks out past the edge when closed.

This card wasn’t hard to put together, but I did have to be careful because the pop-up strips along the top were more “fragile” the skinnier they became!

The process for assembly was the same has the first card – I cut out my card base, picked the patterned papers I wanted to use, and cut out the pieces for the inside. I added the “Pearlescent Orchid” to the top cover strips for the pop-out, distressed and inked the edge of the “Thinking of You” square on the front and inked about half of the back so the part that extended past the edge of the card would have some color. I used the two largest dies on the “You Are Bloomin’ Lovely” circle, flipped over the top and bottom parts that cut off and inked them to give a bit of contrast. Before I glued everything together, I added a bit of stitching to the inside and outside patterned papers and the front square and grabbed a couple of Gelly Roll pens to accent the greetings and color in the die cut holes on the inner sentiment.

Now that the easy part was over, the tricker part began! I cut out quite a few simple flower shapes to use as additional pop-ups, then carefully started their attachment process!

The first step to creating these pop-up flowers was to overlap the two edges of the “V” so they would form a cone shape, then after that glue was dry, I haphazardly folded them in half and where the petal edges met. The darker lines in the image below is where I folded all of my flowers, the lighter dashed lines are optional areas to fold – depending on how “wrinkly” you want your flowers. There isn’t any wrong way to fold them!

After all of my flowers were folded, I started the process of adding them to the card – working carefully around the top strips of the pop-up!

I built my pop-up flowers on top of each other to create the clusters that would unfold together. I started by gluing a petal edge to the “back” of the scenes (the underside of the top of the card when it is closed), then worked my way out, attaching petal edges together along the way so when the card was opened, they would all unfold together. (I hope I explained that well. I don’t always turn images and actions into words successfully!)

I used the large flowers along the sides, a couple at the top – which helped support the pop-up strips - and added the smaller flowers as a few centers and along the front of the sentiment pop-up.

Now, after the card has been opened, the pop-up flowers can be reshaped a little after being in an envelope and be left out to look at!

Thank you for joining us here at Tres Jolie! I hope these pop-up cards inspired you and gave you some ideas of what you can do using this month’s Cards, Tags, & More Kit!

Stay Crafty, Friends


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Thank you for joining us here at Tres Jolie Kits!


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In addition to this month’s Cards, Tags, & More Kit (*from previous Tres Jolie Kits), I used:
*Bazzill White Cardstock , KaiserCraft Glitter Gel Pens , Sakura Glaze , Sakura Souffle , Silhouette Cameo 3 , Nicapa Cutting Mat , Silhouette Premium Blade , Sizzix Big Shot Plus , Art Glitter Glue , Scotch ATG , foam squares

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