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Meet the 2024 Team for Tres Jolie Kits

Are you ready to be blown away by the sheer talent and creativity of the Tres Jolie Kit Club's 2024 design team? We certainly are! This year, the kit club has assembled a group of artistic powerhouses who are ready to take your crafting experience to a whole new level. Get ready to meet the minds behind the magic!

1. Dana Schlemm

Dana DT photo.png__PID:eb9e1616-bd9d-400f-8933-d19f5660f25e

Dana is returning for her 2nd (maybe 3rd term) on our design team. We are looking forward to seeing what she does in the New Year. Dana has been an amazing part of our design team.

2. Debbie Adams

Debbie DT photo.png__PID:1616bd9d-200f-4933-919f-5660f25e0566

Debbie is also returning for her 2nd on our design team. I know she is just going to WOW us in the New Year. Don't miss Debbie in her YouTube lives.

3. Rebecca Lockhart

Rebecca DT photo.png__PID:4eeb6fea-9b88-49a1-98e2-577d763b9be6

Hello, my name is Rebecca Lockhart I have been scrapping since grade school (back in the early 90's) with a few breaks here and there over the past 25+ years. I live in the Untied States in a small town in Illinois, with my husband, son and my two favorite family members Bea and Maggie! Who all happen to be subjects of my scrapbooking.

4. Jennifer Cain

Jennifer  DT photo.png__PID:bd9d200f-0933-419f-9660-f25e056665f2

My name is Jennifer Cain. I have been scrapping for 25 years since my oldest son was born. I have two sons and multiple nieces and nephews that I love to scrapbook. I have always enjoyed photography that's my favorite hobby next to scrapbooking. As the family historian, I am the one that documents everything for everybody. In the end it's all about the photos and the memories that go with it.

5. Kim Heard

I'm the mad scientist behind our kits and everything else on the site. You guys have seen my creations and lately have enjoyed my YouTube lives. I have decided to make the lives a monthly thing and we are going to call it "Cocktails and Crafts". Make sure you are subscribed to all our social media so you will get notified when we post and when we are live.

With this dream team of creative geniuses, the Tres Jolie Kit Club is set to take the crafting world by storm in 2024. Get ready to be inspired, amazed, and entertained as these talented individuals share their knowledge, tips, and tricks with you. Whether you're a seasoned crafter or just starting out, the 2024 design team will help you unleash your creativity and take your crafting skills to new heights. Get ready for a year filled with endless possibilities and crafting adventures!

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