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Make A Wish - Mini Window Mixed Media Canvas

Happy Wednesday y'all!!  Michelle here, making a beautiful mixed media mess!

This month in our mixed media kit we have this super cute wooden window with working opening shutters from Prima.  It's so stinking cute!  I had so many ideas for it but I really just wanted that window to open up to an abstract sunset-ish mixed media painting so that's what I decided upon.

I started out by spreading the entire mini canvas with a good texture medium to give some great nooks and crannies for the paint to go.  You could use any texture medium you like for this (example modeling paste, plaster or joint compound).

After your layer of texture has dried brush on a layer of clear gesso and allow it to dry as well.

Then water down some of the Lindy's magicals and begin brushing it on like water colors.  You can add the Gum Arabic by Jacquard depending on the look and texture you are going for.  

Continue this method with each color, layering upon each, allowing them to blend with each other.  You can apply a dab of water between each layer to encourage blending and dripping as well.

When I finished the blue layer I wanted it to drip more and fill in down into the cracks some into the other layers so I tilted it a bit allowing it to run down more.

While that dried, I set it aside and worked on making a backing for the window.  I used the cardboard backing from the Prima mechanicals that were included in the kit.  The coloration was perfect for the little border that would peek out behind the canvas.

I applied it to the inside ledge of the window frame with hot glue.

Next I glued the canvas directly on to the cardboard backing with hot glue.

Finally I was ready to put my finishing touches and embellishments.  I added a fabulous metal piece by Mitform (something you will be seeing more of here at Tres Jolie!).  I gave the metal a bit of a wash of a mixture I made with white acrylic and the teal Lindy's Magicals.  

I added a Tim Holtz quote chip and I was finished!

The texture and depth on this is so delish!  I just love it!  these Lindy's magical really are magical with the texture!  It's one of my favorite effects!

Thanks for stopping by!  I hope you were inspired to create something beautiful!

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