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Let's Talk Mixed Media Supplies & Techniques!!

Hey y'all!!  Michelle here, dishing a bit on mixed media tips and tricks today.

Remember these awesome metallic powders by Lindy's Gang that came in the March mixed media kit?  Well I've just had a blast experimenting with them and thought I'd show you the technique I played around with this week.

I started out by grabbing one of the basics from my stash, clear gesso.  If you don't have clear gesso I highly recommend it.  It allowed me to prime my otherwise ordinary tag and give it a good "canvas" to accept the wet media I was about to add to it.

I brushed on the gesso as you would normally paint any surface, making sure to cover it fully.  You could use white gesso for this if you have it and prefer it.

Once the gesso dries well add a good pool of water and sort of brush it around a bit.

While the water is wet on the tag sprinkle some of the Lindy's Magicals and watch the magic happen!  *pun totally intended*

Gradually adding more powder and experiment with the look till you are happy with the effect.  You can add a bit more water but you like but I really liked the look of the grainy, thick color that gave way to great variations as it moved and dried.

I then added more water to the bottom of the tag.  Originally I had just added water to the top because I knew I would try to keep the colors separated at first before blending them.

I sprinkled the second color of the Lindy's Magicals powder on top of the puddle of water.

I gradually blended the colors with the brush and just played around with it

Just have fun with this process

Adding water as you see needed

Now that you have lots of color and liquid going on, you can tilt the card in different directions causing all sorts of fun blending and merging of the colors.  It's almost like they're dancing!

If you find you have too much liquid just blot it off a bit with a napkin.  

You can also use some of the watered down powders to drip, drop or splash color on to your project.  For this I saturated my brush with the color concoction, held it over my project and tapped it with my finger till it dropped beautiful little drips and splashes of color!

Then I tilted some more.

I really just love how the colors just merged with each other.

Finally, this is something I do with almost all my projects...inked edges.  I just use any 'ol black ink pad I have laying around but this little guy is my fav and I always keep it close at hand.  

I just rub and drag the stamp pad along the edge of the tag giving it a bit of distressing.

I finished my tag off with a prima flower that I did a similar treatment to and some sentiment stickers.

As a little bonus (for sticking with me through the whole post lol), I thought I'd show you that you can use this Lindy's Magicals water color wash on metals too!  It needs to be a textured metal so it can grab on to the ridges and groves.  How cool is that?  I love it!

Well I hope this has inspired you to create something beautiful today!

Thanks for stoping by!

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