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Father's Day Card - June 2023 Cards, Tags, & More Kit

Hey, y’all! I hope your June has started out great! Schools have been - or are about to be – released for summer vacation, and Father’s Day is just 10 days away. This week, in honor of Father’s Day, I have a rather quick and easy card for you using the Hunkydory kraft stock found in this month’s Cards, Tags, & More Kit.

I used a stamp set and inks from my stash, but all of the “parts” for the card came from the kit! I was feeling rather “traditional” when starting this project, and I didn’t want to create a card that was overly complicated or ornate – but I didn’t have much more direction for myself, so I grabbed up the pieces from the kit I thought would work best for how I was feeling, and started playing around.

Be sure to check out my video to see how it came together and watch my confusion!



The first thing I did to create this card is…

…stare at everything and try to get my thoughts together! Which was the hardest part of the project – getting my thoughts in order!

I knew I wanted to use the woodgrain kraft stock, but I wasn’t entirely certain what I actually wanted to do with it or how I wanted to decorate the card front. I also knew I preferred the star print bow for my “traditionally masculine” card, so I popped out the pieces I would need to create the bow, as well as the star print strip, the alpha I needed to spell “Dad” and the medallions to go with everything else “just in case”! I don’t know if I would have used any medallions at all if I hadn’t already inked them by the time I (finally) figured out what I was doing!

I don’t have measurements for you, because I just eyeballed the size I thought looked good for the woodgrain kraft stock. However, I can tell you now after the fact, that the wood grain kraft stock is about 1/4” smaller (length and width), leaving approximately 1/8” of the card base as a border all the way around. I also eyeballed where I wanted the strip of the star print kraft stock, but because I used my cutting mat to keep it straight, I know the bottom edge is 1-1/4” up from the bottom edge of the woodgrain kraft. After I glued the strip into place, I tucked the ends under – cutting a little of the extra length off one end just because (although it worked out in my favor!) then used some “Gathered Twigs” Distress Ink around the perimeter – as well as on the alpha, bow, and medallions.

I used the excess star print strip I had cut off before tucking the ends under to connect my alpha – partly to keep them together because I kept losing one letter or another, and partly just to go with the overall design, since I hadn’t decided where “Dad” would be going yet!

I tried playing around with the alpha, bow, and medallions on the card front, but I just couldn’t get the bow to look right all by itself – and I really wanted to use the bow! In the end, I realized the card front was exactly what I wanted with just the inking, the strip of star print kraft, and the simplicity of “Dad,” so that’s how I left it before moving on to the envelope.

I inked up the envelope with more “Gathered Twigs,” to coordinate with the vintage and “rustic” feel of the woodgrain kraft stock on the card front.

Originally I had adhered the bow and medallions on in a loose cluster formation, but I was still very unhappy with how everything was coming together and I thought maybe adding “Happy Father’s Day” to the envelope would tie everything together better – which is how I came to the decision to use my Tim Holtz “The Inspector” stamp set! I was originally just looking for alpha stamps to use – then I saw the man and the alpha just staring at me!

I used some “Timber Brown” StazOn for my first stamping of “The Inspector,” then added a couple of layers of “Gathered Twigs” Distress Ink on top before moving over to start the process of spelling out “Happy Father’s Day” with the alpha stamp block that also doesn’t have all 26 letters of the alphabet!

I started with the “H” in “Happy,” using my StazOn, but before repositioning the alpha block for the “A,” I used my “Gathered Twigs” to create a lighter background text block – then I continued stamping the rest of the phrase. For the two “P’s,” I used the “R’s” just making sure to keep the extra leg ink-free, and for the “Y’s,” I used upside-down “A’s” and the “I” to create the leg.

I traced over all of the letters in the phrase with my “Vintage Photo” Distress Marker, then I grabbed up a water bottle and sprayed everything down. The StazOn stayed put, and all the Distress Inks activated! After drying the envelope, I attached the bow tie and placed the medallions.

PhotoRoom-20230522_164301_3 Thank you for joining me here today! I hope you enjoyed this Father’s Day card and it gave you some ideas of what you can create using this month’s kit!

Stay Crafty, Friends

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In addition to this month’s Cards, Tags, & More Kit, I used:
“Gathered Twigs” Distress Ink, StazOn “Timber Brown,” Tim Holtz “The Inspector” Stamp Set, Tim Holtz Stamp Platform, “Vintage Photo” Distress Marker, blending brush, Art Glitter Glue, double-sided adhesive foam, glue dots

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