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"Choose to Shine" Mixed Media Journal Page

Happy Wednesday y'all!  Michelle here and it's time to get messy with some mixed media art journaling!  Did I mention this is my favorite?  Ok so let me walk you though this.

First let me start by telling you why mixed media journaling is my fav, because for me it's my time to get lost in my art with no rules and no expectation and I don't have to worry if anyone will see it or judge it.  If I don't like it, I just flip the page and do something else...or paint over it.  I get messy, use lots of texture and just put stuff on the page.  This is why for these I find it hard to do a video, because I never really know where the process will take me.  

For this page, I stared working in my homemade plaster journal.  (you can get this page background look by using a piece of thick canvas material and applying some plaster of Paris on it and allowing it to dry)  

I started out covering my whole page with clear gesso from my art stash.  This will keep the paint from just soaking right into the plaster page.

Next I watered down some of the teal Lindy's Magicals and applied it like water color, similar to how I did in my last canvas project.  

On this particular page I had scored some criss cross marks in the wet paster so when I applied the paint on it you can see the marks start to really show.

I applied it a bit more concentrated and heavy in spot and tilted the page allowing it to drip and run down a bit.  (I love this effect)

I added a bit of the same teal mixed with a little of the green Lindy's this time to the bottom corner.

Using a small black stamp pad I inked up the chipboard film strip from the kit.  This is the remaining portion of the film strip I had since I had cut a portion of it to use in a previous project.  Never be afraid to alter your supplies and use them for unintended purposes or for multiple projects.  I'm a frugal gal and I like to make things stretch!  LOL

Speaking of frugal and unintended purposes, I went though an old sewing fashion magazine from the 70's and cut out some great illustrations to use for for this piece.  I adhere them to the page with some foam squares for dimension and filled in with glue where needed.  The film strip was also tucked in there and glued.

For the flowers I wanted them muted but still with a wash of color so I gave them a coat of white gesso and used the antique gold Lindy's magicals as a water color wash on them.

I layered it all up with some scraps of black mess and a Tim Holtz chipboard quote and I was done.  

I was a great use of the mediums and spare bits and pieces from my mixed media kit!  And lets face it, those Lindy's Magials colors are so wonderful, you will certainly be seeing more of them in my work in the future!

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you were inspired to create something beautiful!

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  • That is so pretty! I am in awe of your creative genius.

    Lisa H.

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