Translating That Thirst in Art

When I sat down to create today I had something on my heart and on my mind and I honestly couldn’t get past it till I worked through it and since I had already used the wooden trays and floral elements from my January mixed media kit I pulled out my box and grabbed those gorgeous metallic paints by Prima and those Tim Holtz stencils got to work.  I also grabbed my favorite Bible journaling supplies, my water colors.

It’s pretty simple, I didn’t even sketch it out.  I just freehand water colored directly on the Bible page and once dried I came back and highlighted it with a felt tip pen.  Next using a fine brush I highlighted the cactus with the gold acrylic paint in the January mixed media kit.  I also highlighted the verse I was focusing on as well.

I then placed one of the Tim Holtz stencils on the page and stenciled on more of the beautiful gold paint, as well as a few splatters of gold paint.

I’m so in love with this page!  It’s just what I needed.  So have you ever used your art supplies in your Bible (a dedicated journaling Bible or art Bible)?  I dare ya!

Now y’all go do something beautiful


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