Secret Garden Gate

Hey Y’all, Michelle here!!  Poppin’ in to show you guys a lil something that I made with the July mixed media kit this week!

Welcome to the Secret Garden!!  This little garden gate really doesn’t show it’s true beauty till you hold it up to the light.

See what I mean?!

But I’m getting ahead of myself, first let me get to how it was made…

First I started out with a piece of 12×12 transparent scrapbooking paper, I used a sheet of printed 13 Arts acetate from a previous kit but you could use whatever transparency/acetate paper you may have.  Next I gathered my ranger alcohol inks from the kit and began applying them.  *disclaimer* I’m not the best with these things so I’m a little all over the place with them…and that’s ok, they are very forgiving.

I went for a gradation and started with the darkest color first and went from there.  I also used an alcohol blending solution from my stash that ranger also makes.  This isn’t  really needed but it did help keep the inks moving a bit, you could also squirt a tiny bit of high content rubbing alcohol as well.  Lastly I added dots of the white.  I used my heat gun to move the inks around as well as continued to move the paper around a lot.

While that was drying I moved on to painting the chipboard piece by AB Studio.  Can I just say how fab this Art Deco beauty is?  Anyway, I used the 13 Arts gesso from a previous kit but you could also use regular old acrylic as well.

Next you will need to make your “doors”.   For some reason I immediately saw doors when I looked at this piece so I had to go with that.  I found what looked like a good cut off area to make cuts and snipped the chipboard, careful to leave the area attached on the sides that would form the hinges.

After the chipboard was complete and the inks were all dried I laid the chipboard on top the transparency, traced it and cut the transparency the same size and shape as the chipboard then adhered the two together.

Then I began to assemble my flowers for the center.  I cut out a small scrap of paper (I just used the packaging from the flowers) and began arranging my flowers to that and then transferred them to the center of the door opening.

Finally I punched two holes at the top and ran a scrap of silk cording from my stash to hang it from…and done!

I hope this has inspired you!

If you are more visual like me and need to SEE it done, take a peek at my video and see how I did it!

Below is the complete July Mixed Media kit:



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