Happy New Year and last project of 2019

Happy New Year to your family from ours. Hope everyone had a safe and fun New Year’s eve.

I’m back to share my last project of 2019. I created this with the December 2019 Mixed media kit.

If you haven’t seen the kit here it is:


Here is my project:


I really enjoyed creating this. I just let myself go with the flow. I found when I did that it really came together. I had a problem when I stopped and started thinking about it.

Let’s talk about the “flow” process(my sd card said my images were corrupt, when I went to download. Sorry no pictures to go with this). I took the collage medium and the 2 sheets of rice paper first. I tore the rice paper randomly and glued it down with the collage medium.

Once arranged the way I wanted it, I took the dry wall tape and ripped it and added it to the canvas with the collage medium. I also added the adhesive mesh the same way.

When I was done and like the look, I sealed it with more of the collage medium. The I took some white gesso and when around the edges and them randomly on the canvas. I then covered the dry gesso with the vintage collage medium to tone down the stark white.

Here is where I ran into trouble, because I started to think too much about what to do next. I wasn’t sure I wanted to leave it flat or add dimension. If I did dimension, what would be my focal piece…You know all the questions.

I decided to add dimension. So now what focal piece? I went back and forth and finally settled on flowers, since I have so many.

I pulled out random texture flowers and in complimentary colors for my canvas. Once I had them arranged, I used some crackle medium and added some stenciling.

After everything was glued down, I used the mist from the kit to add more color throughout the canvas. Finished it with some white paint splatters, added a title and I was done.

We will be revealing our January kit next week. Make sure you come back for that. We will also have the winners from our YouTube hop (sorry, the holidays have us off schedule on that).

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