Translating That Thirst in Art

When I sat down to create today I had something on my heart and on my mind and I honestly couldn’t get past it till I worked through it and since I had already used the wooden trays and floral elements from my January mixed media kit I pulled out my box and grabbed those gorgeous metallic paints by Prima and those Tim Holtz stencils got to work.  I also grabbed my favorite Bible journaling supplies, my water colors.

It’s pretty simple, I didn’t even sketch it out.  I just freehand water colored directly on the Bible page and once dried I came back and highlighted it with a felt tip pen.  Next using a fine brush I highlighted the cactus with the gold acrylic paint in the January mixed media kit.  I also highlighted the verse I was focusing on as well.

I then placed one of the Tim Holtz stencils on the page and stenciled on more of the beautiful gold paint, as well as a few splatters of gold paint.

I’m so in love with this page!  It’s just what I needed.  So have you ever used your art supplies in your Bible (a dedicated journaling Bible or art Bible)?  I dare ya!

Now y’all go do something beautiful


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Mini Journal Shadow Box

Hey y’all!  Have you ever just needed a fun chunky little art journal but wanted to keep it displayed somewhere that would remind you to create art?  That’s the issue I was faced with.  I wanted a simple little journal that I could create some fun little art journal pages in that would be quick and easy but I wanted to keep it out on display so it needed to be a work of art all on it’s own and fit into my decor and style.

So when I saw the trays in the January mixed media kits I knew one of them was destined for a display box for a little mini art journal that would encourage me to make art.  But I still had to make the journal!  LOL!  So I’ll walk you through my process.

I began with some small squares of watercolor paper and just used masking tape to tape them together accordion style till I was happy with the amount of pages I would have.

I folded them back to back so each page would be something I could create on back and front as I flip through the book.

I then bound the spine with some old gaffers tape that was in my scrap stash.

Next I gave my mini tray from the kit a coat of white gesso

Then rubbed the edges with the “ancient coin” gold metallique acrylic paint by Finnabair from the kit.

I trimmed down the Garden Vine from 49 and Market Paper Goods, removing all the flowers but leaving the leaves.

I rubbed the leaves with glass bead gel and allowed it to dry well.

Next I rubbed the leaves with more of the “ancient coin” gold acrylic paint to reveal the texture.

I bent and glued the reshaped vine into the tray to form the “holder” for my mini journal

I then took a loose piece of the water color paper cut to the same size as the book and applied it with pop dots over the vine to hide where it attaches to the tray.

Finally I placed my book in the tray and twisted the vine over it carefully.

I’m quite pleased with it and can’t wait to create!


Lunar Slumber Mini Wooden Tray

Hey y’all!! Can I just start by saying how much I love this little mini wooden trays by Prima that are in the January mixed media kit?!    I mean, the possibilities!  So for this project I used just one of them because I have so many fab ideas for them!

I’m a big Prima fan so I have made some clay pieces before using their air dry paper clay and silicone molds and happened to have them laying around when I went looking for pieces to feature in my little tray.  They just seemed like a logical choice.

Besides that, the only other products I used that were not in the kit were some glass bead gel and acrylic paints by Bad Girls Couture.

Over all the process was pretty simple and fun, gluing on the clay faces first then painting the center black and outside kinda a fun light aqua.  Next I did some texturing and distressing and rubbed on some metallics.   I made a little process video, take a peek at how I created it!

Did you get a kit? Share what you made in our Facebook Group!

Thank you for joining us here at Tres Jolie Kits!

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Recycled Tag

You may have realized by now that I like to use every little scrap of my kits.  This month I had not only the Mixed Media kit but also the scrapbook kit so I had a lot to work with.

When I got low on my papers I began to look at the pretty packaging that the Blue Fern embellishments came in and it replicated the patterns on the paper in a smaller print.  I thought to myself that it would make the perfect tag so I got to work!

I cut the tag shape out and punched a hole at the top

I then used the stencil from the mixed media kit and some molding paste to create some great texture on my newly created tag.

Once the new texture was created and dried I sprayed on some Lindy’s Moon Shadow Mist from the Mixed Media kit.

Next I added more texture by applying some paper packing scraps at the bottom with more molding paste and I tucked in one of the little resin birds from the Scrapbook kit.

I continued to layer more texture with the mesh tape from the mixed media kit as well.

While the molding paste was wet I sprinkled on some coarse silver glitter and allowed it all to dry well.  Once it was all dry I added a title cutout with a pop dot and rubbed the bird with some metallic gold.

Thanks for stopping by today!  I hope you are inspired to look at your packaging in a different light!!

Cutting up and making cards

Hey y’all!!  So this year I just have not gotten it together to get the pretty photo Christmas cards printed and sent out.  I got the photo taken at Thanksgiving and had great intentions but it just didn’t happen.  Thanks goodness I had the beautiful December Tres Jolie Scrapbook kit packed FULL of Blue Fern papers and embellishments that were perfect to whip up some cards that I could just slip those photos in!

I know, you are wondering why I used that big ‘ol beautiful scrapbook kit to make a bunch of cards.  But I’m not much of a rule follower with it comes to things like that and I like to do the unexpected.  The truth is, you can do so much more with such an awesome kit…any crafty project you have going on that month really!  It just worked out so well for me this month!  I made cards and decorations and even added to my gift wrap!  But we will get to all that.   Today, lets look a little closer to these cards.

I used the chipboard ornaments and sprinkled them with embossing powder to give them a metallic shimmer.  I then added a scrap of silk as a ribbon to the ornament.

I also cut lots of pieces of the papers out and layered them with pop dots to create dimension and depth.  And as usual I inked all the edges to give it a finished and distressed look.

This is the second half of the set.

Created in the same way, with lots of fussy cut Blue Fern papers applied with pop dots and inked up, showing lots of layers.

So there you have it.  I had a great time just cutting up all the papers and layering them to create some great cards!  I hope this inspires you to look at your kits differently and see what you can create!

Christmas Canvas

Hey y’all and Happy Thursday to ya!  I’ve got a fun Christmas Canvas for you today made with the December Mixed Media kit and the Blue Fern papers we used for the blog hop.  I had so much fun with them I just couldn’t put them down!

I even made y’all a little process video!  Despite a little wonky foggy stuff going on with my lens on the first half of the video, you can see the details on how it all came together.

Take a peek at some close ups below for more detail.

You’ll notice here I used a smaller stretched canvas turned backwards on top of the board canvas that is included in the kit.  This gave me a nice place to create a shadow box effect.  You could tuck all sorts of fun embellishments in there!

I really had fun layering it all and just going nuts with this canvas.  The little “joy” banner was one of my favorite parts I added.  You can see details on it in the video as well.

Thanks for stopping by!  I hope this inspired you to create something beautiful today!!

Altered Wings

How dreamy are those big metal wings in the mixed media kit this month?!  I had so many ideas for them, do I go all steampunk on them or sweet and flowery?  Since we had those awesome Prima flowers to play with I went more fairy dreamland with my thought process!

I basically just slathered the entire set of wings with the crackle paint, more as a base coat than for a crackle medium because I didn’t prep the wings first so I didn’t expect much actual crackling to occur.   It ended up kinda looking plasterish which I loved.

I also applied the crackle paint to the flowers as well and sprinkled the fine glitter over the wet paint on both the wings and the flowers.

When the paint was dry on the wings I gave them a wash with some diluted brown acrylic paint and then rubbed them with the Turquoise InkaGold to highlight them.

The flowers also got a light rubbing of the Turquoise InkaGold as well.

You can see all the details in my process video below!  Check it out!

Thanks for stopping by!!

Mixed Media Heart Ornament

Happy Tuesday y’all!  today I’m sharing a project I did with the little wooden heart that was in the November Mixed Media kits.  I have to admit, dispite it’s small size I was intemidated by it for some reason.  I really don’t know why!

The first thing I did was trace the heart onto some corrugated packing paper, cut it out and then apply it on to the heart.  Then I used some sandpaper to distress the edges.

Next I applied some of the Deco Art Crackle Medium to it and allowed it to crackle (you can use a heat or drying tool to help with this).  Once dried I applied some watered down acrylic paint to give it some pops of color.  Then I rubbed on some of the Turquoise Viva Ink Gold Rub.

Then I began to add my Prima Flowers.  I also added a bit of the Turquoise Viva Ink Gold rub to the flowers as well to add some color to them too.

Once I had the flowers all adhered on, I brushed on some matte gel medium to the flowers and sprinkled some of the fine glitter that was included in the kit for a little shine.

Finally I added some metal embellishments from my stash and tucked in some preserved reindeer moss.  I also rubbed that awesome Turquoise Ink Gold on one of the metal embellishments.  It adhered to the metal so well and dried super quick.

I hope you enjoyed!  Thanks for stopping by today!!

Crackle Pumpkin

Hey y’all!  This is Michelle and today is my first official Design Team blog post!!  Woot!!

I’m going to be working with the Mixed Media kit this month and for my first project I got my kit but I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to do with the main elements of the kit just yet.  You know when you get a delish kit in the mail and you are scared to tare into it because it’s so awesome.  Yeah.  That.  *This is not an endorsement to start harding you kit stash!!* LOL  I did end up using the rest of my kit!  LOL

But I was anxious to get started and wanted to play with the amazing art mediums that were in there!  So I reached for my dollar store bag of fall decor that I had just picked up and pulled out this rather bland BRIGHT styrofoam pumpkin and decided to give it some Tres Jolie Mixed Media LOVE!

From there I just went nuts!  After prepping it well (you can see the full details in my process video below) I rubbed it with the Turquoise InkaGold and gave it a coat of the DecoArt crackle paint then layered on a wash of some diluted orange acrylic paint.

I even gave it new life with a fresh new twig stem and some preserved moss from the floral department and topped it with one of the Prima flowers from the kit.  I added a light rub of the InkaGold to the flower as well to brighten it up too.  ANNNND…there is some glitter and mica power sheen sprinkled on there to give it some sparkle like any self respecting fairytale pumpkin should have!

It just doesn’t even look like the same pumpkin!  Y’all go check out the video and see the transformation!

So if you are anxious about ripping into you pretty new kit projects or at the very end of your kit and just have your mediums left to play with, this is a great project for you!

Thank you so much for stopping by today!  I hope you enjoyed my first Tres Jolie post!  I think I’m gonna like it here!  (Yes I sang that in my best Annie voice) lol!